Musical Shooter – some more changes

I”ve been working on the mechanics of the game a bit more over the weekend.

I’ve set up different classes of the enemies, each with different colours, sizes and speeds. Each class responds to a different rhythm of shooting (which can be scrolled through using the right shoulder button of the gamepad). As the player changes firing rhythms, they change colour to match the mode – this corresponds to the colour of the enemies. In order to provide a bit info/FB to the player the enemies pulse in the tempo of the firing rhythm.

I’ve also setup the firing modes to deplete their ammo count (which is displayed in the top right of the screen). When each firing mode is out of ammo a pickup appears (coloured to match – obviously!) which returns the ammo for that mode back to full.

Here’s a video of how it looks now:


Now the mechanics are getting there I need to make it look a bit nicer and sort the sounds out. I also need to check how the game handles different gamepads.
I’ll also be trying to streamline the code to make it as effecient as possible and also to remedy the fact that as I’ve been tweaking things recently and adding new features I’ve been a bit slack in using ‘proper’ coding practices.


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