Musical Shooter – Different Rhythms

In order to make the differences between the different firing rhythms and enemies more obvious I’ve changed the timings of the weapon and pulsing of the enemies. These are now at 1/4, 1/8 & 1/16 beats. This has helped with the feel of the game, but has highlighted a problem with the windowing system I was using to ensure the enemies dies on a musical interval.

Because the firing rates are now slower it can often take a long time for all the elements of the windowing system to align. This can make it feel like you’re having to shoot some enemies a lot more than others.
A possible solution to this would be to visually flag the enemy as dying as soon as the damage threshold has been reached (not quite sure how this would work yet…) and then ‘kill’ it on the interval.

I’ve also tweaked the appearance of the enemies slightly and things are looking a bit nicer.

Here’s a vid:


I cut the ‘action’ short as the windowing problem means the game can sometimes take a while to complete.


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