Visualising LPF Radii

So, this idea came about after a question on gameaudio.slack about whether there was a console command to enable debugging of LPF radii similar to that for volume attenuation radii using the ‘stat sounds -debug’ command.
Unfortunately there isn’t!

But, it got me thinking… it can’t be that hard to knock up a quick and dirty solution…
turns out it isn’t! So I thought I’d make the solution available in case anyone else finds it useful.

I created a placeable actor, using BluePrints, that can dropped into a map and then when a specific key is pressed it draws the LPF min and max radii for every AmbientSound within the level.
Here’s a screenshot of it doing it’s stuff ingame:


The actual BP system is pretty simple…
When the key is pressed an array containing all of the AmbientSounds within the level is created. This is then looped through, and for each actor within the array the actor location, LPF radius min and LPF radius max are obtained. These values are then used to draw some debug spheres within the world.
Here’s a screenshot of the actor BP:

(The connection to the input of the [Get All Actors of Class] node is coming from a keypress event – it wouldn’t fit on the screen!)

As you can see, this is a very simple system!

Obviously this could just as easily be done within the Level BP, but making an actor made it easy to distribute the solution.

The actor can be downloaded from here: click me

If you find this useful and have any thoughts / suggestions / ideas for developing it further so that it can be of more use, I’d be interesting in hearing from you…