Musical Shooter – Better Aiming

I’ve made a few tweaks to the game so I thought I’d post up what I’ve done with a new video.

I’ve refined the aiming so that instead of moving the player sprite and the target independently and then calculating the angle between them, the aiming system now uses the 2nd stick to create an angle relative to the player sprite which is used as the trajectory for the bullet. Its now much easier to change the direction of shooting and also easier to play as the behaviour is easier to get your head round.
A by-product of this was that if you’re not actually aiming with the 2nd stick (ie. its position is central) the bullet system was producing static bullets with no trajectory/speed. So, the system now only fires when you’re aiming – this worked out quite well as its more obvious when the firing sound comes in and produces a bit more variation in the whole audio output.

I’ve also tried out a different effect to produce a trail that follows the player sprite around – essentially its a series of reducing circles produced by an array that uses the previous locations of the player sprite. Its a bit simpler than the particle system in use previously and I think it fits the overall general aesthetic of the game at this point a little better.

The final tweak is that the size of the enemy also determines how much damage it takes to destroy. The plan is to, at some point, produce different classes of enemies with different movement behaviours and maybe some that shoot back at the player…

I tried removing bullets when they impact with an enemy, but this caused a few problems with some of the collision systems so I’ve taken it back out for now.
I also added in a sound for when the enemy receives damage, but because (at the moment) bullets aren’t removed there was often too much damage going on and the playback of multiple damage samples simultaneously was causing clipping and other volume related problems. This is a shame as it sounds pretty good when it was working properly. Once the bullets issue has been sorted I’ll put the sounds back in again.

Here’s a video of things at this point:

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